May 6, 2018


Obele Acha-Ngwodo

Obele graduated at the top of his class from one of the most prestigious massage schools in the nation, The Atlanta School of Massage. The strength of his training, however, goes beyond the classroom.

As an athlete himself, Obele knows the rigors of a strenuous workout. He has experience in activities such as gymnastics, martial arts, crew and track & field. Basketball, yoga, and tai chi are currently his main pastimes.
Experiences dealing with the stressful deadlines of government office jobs and meeting the demands set by higher education institutions have given him insight on the mental and emotional stresses that accompany the corporate and student lifestyle. In conjunction, he has joined forces with chiropractors and other doctors to facilitate health in clinical settings but is also abreast of spa therapies.

In his travels abroad to Europe and Asia, he has gained invaluable feedback on diverse perspectives on the appropriate goals and values of health. His philosophy is that of a facilitator and as such allows each client to take ownership of their healing.