February 3, 2017

Corporate Chair Massage and Sports Events

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Chair Massage

Let the skilled team of massage therapists at Balanced Bodyworks LA take the stress out of the everyday office work with Chair Massage. A chair massage cuts through the daily grind and just 15 minutes has been proven to improve productivity, and creative thinking, while decreasing stress and preventing stress-related injuries in your our office environment. Chair massage is also important for building morale and goodwill within your company. Make your next office event super special by offering your guests or clients access to a professional Chair Massage.

Onsite-Chair massage is a great option because it requires a small area to set up and has countless benefits. Massage Therapy and bodywork have been proven to help work-related issues such as poor posture, tensions headaches, carpal tunnel symptoms, and increase employees overall mood. Our Massage Therapists can help provide Chair Massage that relieves shoulder tension, relaxes the mind and leaves everyone focused, feeling good, and ready to work. Let us send you our team of highly qualified Chair Massage Therapist to your location and watch how much they can impact your office environment.

Sporting Events and Training Sessions

The Balanced Bodyworks LA Massage Team also provides Event Sports Massage for athletes of all levels. Our staff of licensed massage therapists have advanced training and years of experience working with various sports in order to provide the best quality bodywork to your athletes. Balanced Bodyworks LA Team has provided Event Sports Massage for numerous sporting events, including the Herbalife LA Triathlon, Gran Fondo Italia Cycling Race, LA Marathon, and the EXOS NFL Combine training facility. When Balanced Bodyworks LA joins your team, we bring to your event our professional staff of fully insured licensed massage therapists with advanced training in Orthopedic/Sports Massage to provide pre- and post-event massage to your athletes. Offering this service to your athletes can take their training to the next level and make your event a winner.

Health Fairs,  Corporate Chair Massages, Corporate Wellness Programs, Marketing Events, Sporting Events anywhere you can incorporate Chair Massage or table massage- Balanced Bodyworks LA can help.

There are so many benefits to booking a relaxing and therapeutic professional service for your event.  Some of the benefits are:

Attendee Retention

A wellness session that is healing and comforting keeps your attendees around longer.  And it is a real ice breaker and crowd gathering interaction.  If you want to put on a top shelf event that people remember and spread the word about, this is a great way.

Give to Get

There is a best selling book called “Give and Take”.  The premise is that to get anything you really have to give first.  If you are providing the gift of a soothing, professional massage experience, your attendees are more likely to reciprocate the gift in some way.   This has the benefit of transforming their mood into one where they are more receptive to the goods and services being discussed and offered at your function.

Get Them There in the First Place

Why do you think Las Vegas is such a destination for conferences and big business events?  It is because there are so many activities to entertain the participants.  So, why not learn from the best and take some of those techniques and advertise them when promoting?  What a great way to entice more people to show up when they know they have a relaxing massage chair to look forward to.